Advanced Powder Solutions

GEMCO & Advanced Powder Solutions

An Ecosystem Of Innovation.

We don’t just build world-class mixing and drying equipment. We process powders as well… all under one roof.

Process trials and tight infrastructure with our sister company, Advanced Powder Solutions (APS), make GEMCO the global mixing and drying authority.

With our help, customers can make informed decisions about the best equipment for their processes. This not only saves time but also optimizes resources.


Service & Equipment Engineered for Excellence

Our facility’s precise scale-up predictions eliminate guesswork and facilitate efficient production planning. Equipped with a modern laboratory, we provide a deeper analysis and understanding of specific processing needs.

Customers can conduct pre-production tests, which reduces material costs by utilizing pilot-sized batches. We also offer the chance to test optional equipment, which fast-tracks product development and even includes small-batch production blending.

Ultimately, we deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs.

At APS We have tumble blenders and dryers available in the following sizes:

  • Half a cubic foot 
  • 3 cubic feet 
  • 30 cubic feet 
  • 50 cubic feet 
  • 100 cubic feet 
  • 150 cubic feet 

Our testing laboratory is equipped with:

  • Beckman Coulter LS I3 320 Laser Defraction Particle Size Analyzer for both Liquid and Dry Modules
  • GEMCO ½ -150 cubic feet (4250 Liter) Working Capacity Formulators
  • Ohaus MB-45 Moisture Balance
  • Bucci R124 Rotovap
  • Ovens
  • Balances
  • Screeners

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    GEMCO has always been a family owned business, with family values, and so we don’t like to brag about ourselves. We’ll let the fact that we have an installed base of thousands of powder blending and drying units in 37 countries around the world speak for itself. We’ve built our company’s culture around innovation.