Pharmaceutical Mixers & Blenders

GEMCO is the undisputed global leader in medical and pharmaceutical tumble mixing and blending solutions.

With over 100 years of pharma industry-specific expertise, GEMCO’s engineering and manufacturing all adhere to cGMP guidelines, are FDA-compliant and our world-class machines are simply second-to-none.

  • Up to 10x faster than other blending solutions
  • Gentle tumble motion mixing
  • Repeatable, dependable, predictable
  • Cost up to 5x less than other dryer solutions
  • Ultra-low total cost of ownership – average GEMCO mixer lasts over 40 years

From lab testing to mass-scale productions, GEMCO pharmaceutical mixers and dryers are proven to consistently deliver the lowest standard deviations attainable in final pharmaceutical batch blend outputs. We are the global mixing and drying authority because GEMCO engineering, manufacturing and integrated technologies combine to empower our individual clients with the fastest, most predicable and dependable processing equipment on the planet. Contact us to learn more about how we manufacture blending equipment for the medical industry and more.

Pharmaceutical Blender Options

Our Pharmaceutical Mixing and Drying equipment systems include:

  • 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Vessel Construction
  • NEMA 12 Panel
  • Carbon Steel Frames
  • 18” Access Cover
  • Batch capacities from 4qt to 400ft3
  • Most rigorous Factory Acceptance Test standards in the industry 

GEMCO Clients

We specialize in development of all things powder for manufacturing industries.

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    About Us

    GEMCO has always been a family owned business, with family values, and so we don’t like to brag about ourselves. We’ll let the fact that we have an installed base of thousands of powder blending and drying units in 37 countries around the world speak for itself. We’ve built our company’s culture around innovation.