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GEMCO Service Technicians are in the field. We can visit your location and evaluate a retrofit or help you with service and maintenance for your industrial mixer.

Much like anything we own, keeping your machine in proper working order helps its longevity and lifetime value.

You’ve got questions, GEMCO has answers.

  • Field service mechanics
  • Engineers that design and rebuild tumble mix and dry machines to current marketplace standards
  • Validation experts
  • Preventative maintenance trainers

Parts & Service at GEMCO

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    Future-proof your investment.

    GEMCO’s complete product line is designed around a long term philosophy. Whether you’re purchasing a new or used GEMCO product, rest assured our engineers manufacture for legacy models.

    About Us

    GEMCO has always been a family owned business, with family values, and so we don’t like to brag about ourselves. We’ll let the fact that we have an installed base of thousands of powder blending and drying units in 37 countries around the world speak for itself. We’ve built our company’s culture around innovation.