Slant Cone

Slant Cone Vacuum Dryers

GEMCO Slant Cone Vacuum Dryers and formulators are tumble batch dryers that easily manage loads up to 10,000kg.

The totally enclosed vessels allow for better control over the drying process and create a contained, easily-repeatable low moisture, predictable batch result.

The tumble action of GEMCO dryers is undisputedly the most gentle of all dryers.

GEMCO offers everything you need to purchase a turnkey industrial drying system, enabling you competitive and processing advantages found nowhere else. Whether you need a V-ShapeDouble Cone, or Slant Cone design we can provide a solution that fits your application. Controls, sensor packages, solvent recovery systems, heating and chiller packages (and more).

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Slant Cone Vacuum Dryers & Drying Systems
slant cone industrial dryer benefits

Slant Cone Vacuum Dryer Options

As a custom manufacturer of tumble dryer equipment, GEMCO can build slant cone tumble dryers to your exact specifications for your intended applications. Take advantage of equipment options that can improve and streamline production cycles. The full line of GEMCO Slant Cone Tumble Vacuum Dryers can be purchased as totally packaged, “stand-alone” systems. With a packaged system, the only external requirements are electricity, water, and air for total operation for simple integration into your existing manufacturing processes. Standard packages and options include:

  • Explosion-proof design
  • GEMCOMATIC – Material Handling System
  • Support frame extensions
  • Thermistor sensors for product-process monitoring/control
  • Ceramic-coated or stellite agitator blades
  • Retractable sleeve
  • Special electronics
  • Reverse-pulse vacuum filter cleaning
  • Application-specific filters and filter cover bags
  • Support enclosures
  • Recorder/controller for vacuum and heat
  • Atmospheric control
  • Seam-welded stainless steel insulation jacket
  • GEMCO valve
  • Sanitary construction
  • Complete range of finishes and polishes
  • Convertible units capable of agitator and/or Airless I retrofit
  • Pneumatic valve operation
  • Computerized process control
  • Weigh cells

We specialize in development of all things powder for manufacturing industries.

Upgrading is for phones.
Future-proof your investment.

GEMCO’s complete product line is designed around a long term philosophy. Whether you’re purchasing a new or used GEMCO product, rest assured our engineers manufacture for legacy models.

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