Custom Dryers

Custom Vacuum Dryers

GEMCO’s Custom Vacuum Dryers are tested and proven world-class machines.

  • Dries material roughly three times faster than a tray dryer.
  • Provides low-temperature drying for heat-sensitive materials.
  • Allows for inert atmospheres without Oxygen contact.
  • Provides product mobility without segregation or classification of fines.
  • Provides a low final moisture content.
  • Produces predictable, repeatable, and scalable results.
  • Custom Vacuum Dryers limit contamination potential.

As with any piece of process machinery, proper application of Custom Vacuum Dryers is essential. Make sure you find out what is being dried and what its properties are at all stages of the process before a unit is quoted. Go back to the fundamental properties of the material. Ask if it flows while wet. Does it get sticky or ball up when half dry? Does it become so slippery that it doesn’t tumble but slides? Does it dry to a fine powder that will aerate with the vapors and clog the filter? Understand what the machine is expected to handle and do before making a selection.

A GEMCO Custom Vacuum Tumble Dryer offers easy cleaning and low maintenance. The vacuum tube has an adjustable external clamp to prevent damage if a ball of material hits the filter head inside the vessel. A simple indicator, either visual or automated, could alert the operator to its occurrence. A special stuffing box arrangement keeps the packing material from the product being dried. Its construction offers a full ball bearing on each trunnion for smooth, safe long life.

We specialize in development of all things powder for manufacturing industries.

Upgrading is for phones.
Future-proof your investment.

GEMCO’s complete product line is designed around a long term philosophy. Whether you’re purchasing a new or used GEMCO product, rest assured our engineers manufacture for legacy models.

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