Eliminate Triturations: “Pre-Blends” and “Mini-Blends” A Better Blend In Less Time

Triturations are standard practice when it comes to getting the best blend possible. There’s no doubt that triturations are a necessary and effective method utilizing multiple “mini-blends” before the primary mixing process. However, when it comes to production, each extra step adds to your budget.

First, transporting the material, second, loading the mixer to pre-mix multiple times with movement in-between, third, Quality Assurance (QA) testing and then documentation after each “mini-blend”; this is what a typical process looks like when using the trituration method to disperse your low active ingredients into your primary components evenly. Each step of this process adds QA, cleaning, personnel, documentation and material costs.

Furthermore, dust particles from mixing can become a safety hazard to employees handling the multi-step trituration process.

When it comes down to it, time and efficiency are everything. GEMCO works to make that happen. To serve our customers and better the blending process, we found ourselves asking, “Is there a better way?”.

100+ Years Of Experience With A Better Blend

You may have heard of intensifiers, choppers, or other milling devices, but what you don’t hear about is the ineffective and potentially damaging results you may see. We take formulation seriously and know you’ve invested time in choosing the right materials to make your perfect product. GEMCO’s Agitator WILL NOT destroy your chemistry, and with GEMCO’s expert guidance—that’s guaranteed.

With the Agitator, you can do your initial raw materials test, load your Gemco blender and run it in the same machine, just once. The Agitator, located centrally in the mixer, is in the optimal mixing zone so all of the material gets incorporated evenly. 

In addition, controlled speed allows for precision. The Gemco agitator will create a fluidized and uniform mix using a gentle speed or increase to homogenize your mixture more aggressively. You can run it a short duration while mixing to see optimal results.

The Results You’ve Been Looking For

Depending on GMP practices and batch parameters such as particle size, what may have taken an entire day to pre-mix can now be done in a matter of half an hour.  Without compromising any elements, you will see your mix become homogeneous with complete uniformity and even particle dispersion throughout. Instead of layering products or mixing powders separate from liquids, you are able to combine the liquid/solid states for a quicker process with desired results. GEMCO agitators allow small quantity active ingredients, to be uniformly mixed in ½ of the time as other mixers.

With the meticulous speed control of the GEMCO Agitator, you don’t have to worry about destroying nano-spheres or ruining your final product. This process is also compatible with spray coatings where you want your particles to be hydrophobic; the Agitator creates an evenly coated powder. And because we never plan for obsolescence, this add-on Agitator fits ALL models of the GEMCO mixers (no matter how old).

So it’s with our dedication to facilitating the best blend possible that we pose this question to you; “Are you ready for a better way to blend?”.

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