Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) take place at GEMCO once any unit is built and ready for delivery.

  • An internal acceptance test is run by the factory upon completion to ensure everything meets the client’s specifications, whether physical, functional, or RPM related.
  • Once a unit passes GEMCO’s internal approvals, all clients are invited to visit GEMCO or conduct a virtual FAT.
  • Before any unit leaves GEMCO, it must first pass a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test.

What Purpose Do FATs Serve?

FATs serve a few different functions, most of which relate to quality control and making sure the GEMCO machine and its control technologies are all built according to the specifications of the client’s contract and technical specs. 

Do FATs Differ Between Industry or Equipment?

Factory Acceptance Tests are not industry-specific, and GEMCO has conducted hundreds of FATs over the last 100+ years. Parts of the test may change based on the unit (e.g., whether it’s a blender or dryer), but the tests remain relatively similar across industries.

FATs serve as a validation layer for any industry-specific certifications, standards, or protocols. Industries such as pharmaceutical or chemical often require specifications, and GEMCO’s experience and credentials are often why clients choose GEMCO in the first place.

What is the FAT Process Like?

Many manufacturers do not conduct FATs and if they do, they are not likely to be as thorough and accountable as GEMCO. Why? Because ensuring all of the details takes time many companies don’t have or can’t afford to spend. For us, investing the time to validate, test, and ensure clients are receiving superior mixing and drying solutions is the GEMCO way.

The first internal FAT is carried out by our machinists and engineers and includes a thorough inspection of engineering specs matched back to the vessel, its components, and its technologies. Every aspect of a unit is inspected and tested to meet GEMCO’s world-class standards, from the supports and vessel RPM, to inside/outside of the vessel, the air circuit, the electrical panel, gears, all major components, integrated technologies and controls, and all required drawings and documents.

Once the unit passes all GEMCO acceptance tests, the customer either comes to the GEMCO factory personally or we do a virtual (video) inspection with them. The customer will review the drawings, documents, and entire unit, following the same GEMCO internal inspection checklist just completed. Minor tweaks to orders can sometimes happen before a mixer or dryer leaves our factory, so the FAT helps maximize all parties’ time. A thorough FAT also provides customers with important order descriptions, technology settings, and drawings for future reference and use.

The process can take anywhere from an hour to a full day, depending on the unit size, type and level of detail, and complexity required. Regardless of the time needed to complete an FAT, GEMCO follows a self-inflicted, premium checklist of absolute accuracy in its internal and external inspections, documentation, and attention to detail to guarantee our clients receive the ultimate mixing and drying solutions.

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