The Secret Ingredient

What are Solutions to Common Industrial Powder Mixing Problems?

Problems often arise in industrial mixing, which leads people to seek out hacks and complicated solutions to solve these everyday issues. These roadblocks can come in the form of material transfer, cleaning blenders, and trying to cut down mixing time. But it does not need to be this difficult. 

With years of experience, we have developed a system where there is no need for “mixing hacks”; you just need the secret ingredient – GEMCO. Let’s dive into 4 common mixing problems manufacturers face today and how GEMCO solves them with ease. 

1.Helping You Understand Your Raw Materials 

First and foremost, understanding your raw materials inside and out is crucial when beginning your mix. Particle size, shape, density, and chemistry are the four key components in raw ingredients that need to be evaluated and understood to get that perfect blend. Each mixing scenario has a particular specification that the client sets. However, the most common issue we have seen is the client’s expectations do not match their end product because those four critical material components were not properly analyzed and the ingredients were not prepared for the right blend. 

The solution is simple.  At the start of your blend, GEMCO experts assess your mix and investigate the raw materials to make the proper decisions. At times, there could be 40-50 different powders used in one mix. We carefully analyze each one and help you understand the best components, allowing you to better prepare for the final blend and achieve desired results. 

2.Mixing Time Cut in Half  

Often, a longer blend is mistaken for a better blend; however, this is not true. In a 2000 lb. V- Shape blender (commonly used in the mixing industry), mixing time will run from 45 minutes to one hour. But with GEMCO’s Tumble Blender, we can cut this time down to as little as 20 or 30 minutes. Of course, the blend’s complexity will ultimately determine the mixing time, but we can confidently say that your mixing time will be at least 30% of what it is now when you use GEMCO’s equipment. 

Not only can we mix at a faster rate, but we also eliminate the need for layering. In V-Shape blenders, the material becomes separated and creates dead spots, which slows the mixing process entirely. However, in the Tumble Blender the material is constantly circulating to the center, ensuring the ingredients are coming together, avoiding those dreaded dead spots.   

3.Transporting Your Materials Without Worry 

Materials can come packaged in a variety of many different ways: boxes, drums, bulk bags, etc. Each one requires a different method of transportation from its container to the blender. 

At times we will use a vacuum or drum loader to transfer materials. Other times, we take advantage of our Portahopper when clients need to mix at a high volume. This machine has a built-in material handling system that allows you to quickly and easily move one batch to the next. This option also eliminates a demixing issue some manufacturers face.

Every scenario is unique and requires a unique solution. As such, GEMCO formulates a customized process based on your specific needs. We become a complete process resource for our clients in not only the mechanics of blending but also transferring. 

4.Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning a blender is never glamorous and can be difficult, ensuring you have thoroughly sanitized the machine. This is why we have innovated a way to make this step as easy as possible. 

First, is engineering. We have carefully designed our blenders to be taken apart in a matter of seconds. Usually, attachments on the outside and inside of a blender are bolted in. When it comes time to clean, each bolt has to be free of any dirt or debris. But when you don’t have nuts or bolts, but rather one clamp instead—like GEMCO benders— this completely eliminates those nooks and crannies that hold dirt. 

Second, we offer CIP (Clean In Place). This is where we design the blender to accept any manufacturer’s CIP system. GEMCO does all the heavy lifting to set it up, help you determine where nozzles need to be placed, and coach you to better understand future processes. GEMCO is truly an integrator. 

Overall, the industry is taking a lot more steps than it needs to. GEMCO creates a hack-less environment by providing knowledge and expertise to better equip our clients. From start to finish, we are there with you to get the product you expect. Next time don’t waste your time trying to find mixing hacks. Just call us.

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