GEMCO state-of-the-art Vacuum Tumble Dryers

The Vacuum Tumble Dryer is a gentle dryer.  The vacuum lowers the boiling point of the liquid to be removed and the heated vessel walls bring that liquid to it’s boiling point so it can be pulled off.  This can be broken into three general phases. First, there is the ramp-up period, in which the material is heating up to its boiling point temperature. During this phase, the entire bed of material is heated by conduction and is fluidized by tumbling. Some of the solvent or water is  already beginning to evaporate in this phase. Second, there is the constant-drying phase, during which the material is heated at a constant rate and most of the unbound solvent or water will be removed from the exterior of the product. Finally, there is the falling-rate phase, during which the solvent or water that is inside the product particles are removed. In this phase, the rate of drying decreases, and the process is aided by the application of increased vacuum which decrease the pressure inside the vessel and enable the solvents and water to be boiled off at a lower temperature.

The solvents that are pulled off the powder are removed through an internal filter and an external filter.  The recovery skid has a large heat exchanger to cool the vapor and condense it where it is delivered to the recovery tank.  This closed system keeps the environment and the operators safe. 

Why choose a Vacuum Tumble Dryer?

Efficiency-No dryer delivers BTUs to your product better than a tumble dryer.  The gentle flow of product to the heated walls is the most efficient heat conduction method on the market.

Control-Only a tumble dryer can scientifically control heat input, vacuum and powder flow which gives you a consistent and predictable drying cycle.

Flexibility-Tumble dryers have a wide range of batch load levels.

Environmental protection-This is a closed system.  What’s in the dryer, stays in the dryer.  Dangerous solvents can be captured in our solvent recovery system and can be accounted for.

Low capital and labor cost-Tumble dryers can cost half of what Agitated or Fluid Bed dryers cost.  Tumble dryers can operate overnight without supervision and only require one or two operators for loading or unloading.  Maintenance is minimal compared to the other overly complicated dryers.

Scale Up-The proportional design allows for easy scale up as the process changes.

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